Friday, 20 February 2015

Phenomenal Peplum!

                       As I have already mentioned pepulm tops being one of my favourite, here's another navy blue woolen peplum with small design on it.
                     Paired it with orange belt to define my waist and peplum flare more prominently and ice wash pencil fit jeans. Ahh, the statement necklace is maple leafy necklace which is love at first sight. I saw it, and I bought it. A chunky golden bracelet to go with necklace, a fast track watch, and beige netted wedges completed the look. Pink pirouette lipstick from Street wear, which is actually orange

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Layering up!!!

                     Hello fellas!!! Today I am posting on how to add a glam to your peplum top or any top with a little effort. It's about layering the top with a funky or furry blazer. And, also today's post is shared with Niki.
                         I am sporting a black figure hugging top with animal print designed flowers in front, layered it with my furry tribal print jacket on my white wash pencil fit jeans from Levi's and Tadaaaaaa! Wearing my neon green north star shoes (It's Bata brand) which are very comfy! Who

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Gift Ideas to show your love!!!

                I had this post in my mind for long time. Finally I got to compile everything I had in my mind for the post. Whenever any special days comes, let it be Valentines, his/her birthday, anniversary etc., do you have to wonder what to gift your guy/ girl??? If yes, this post is for you.
               Ideally speaking personalized gifts are anytime preferred over what you buy from shops! Let it be a painting (If you paint well), a quatrain (4 lined poem) or a poem. But if you are not good at such stuffs, you can give a personal touch to the gift you choose. Here are few options and tips to personalize them!
Image Source:
Gifts For Him!!!
1. Wallet - A good leather Wallet will be very useful to him, plus wallet is like he will be carrying it with him wherever he goes and so it will remind him of you. To personalize it, you can do is take a light pink colored paper and make small chits, one for each compartment of the wallet. Now write on

Monday, 2 February 2015

Styling Neon bubble top!!!

                  Hey guys, this is going to be my first post after introduction! Took long to post, as I was busy with my studies and did not get much time to update here.
So here's my outfit, this is bubble top which I paired with black jeans and chunky accessories to add a fun look.
               Yes, It's bright colored outfit, giving a fun outfit inspiration. the bubble top is from Milan market, Ghatkopar. Milan Market, you must have read it in previous posts of my sis (Anuradha), has lots of good showroom for western, traditional and all sorts of apparels.We shop there most of the