Monday, 18 May 2015

Play it Cool with formals!

                          Sorry guys, for not blogging that frequently, but yes I am trying to keep this blog updated as I get time. This post is about using cool colors this summer. As this summer, this scorching heat is taking almost life out of you, I have styled a crop top as formals and Nikki styled a cool colored jumpsuit.
                           I know, who wears crop top as formals!!! But, after this post, yes you will get an idea to wear crop top to office and be a formal chic! This is a loose flank type of crop top which doesn't shows of my tummy (Obviously, we want to wear it as formals!) when paired with high waist

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Facia's Spa Review!!!

                         Yes, finally I am posting a review post. As I love experimenting with products, I had decided to share with you the products which are already my favorites and the products which are worth trying. So here you go with my first review post.
                        Do you have oily skin??? Tried every product to control your oily skin? Do you feel sometimes your skin as of oil factory? If yes, this product is for you!!!
                        I have oily skin too, its so uncontrollable that sometimes I hate that feature of my skin. (Yes oily skin has benefits of having slow aging process, if you maintain your skin hygiene well, you can look forever in your 20s!!! But the oily look is a big disadvantage of it.). So I am continuously

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Scenery Painting Part I

                        Hello fellas, this is going to be my first tutorial about how to paint the scenery in a easy way. As I was busy with my exams, didn't got time to post much here. So as you all are beginners we will start by basics like how to paint sky, grass, water etc.

Material you need - Brush nos - 0,2,4,6,10 (Other required materials like palette, bowl to wash brushed etc)

How to paint a sky
                        Take a white blank page, brush no. 4 or 6, peacock blue color and white color. Paint the page with peacock blue. After that you have to move your brush (dipped in white color) in a

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Color Tones!!!

                  As the name suggest, I am posting about this colorful top I bought from hill road for this summer. Yes, at first anyone could have thought its so bright, would it look good, but look at the outcomes.
                 Its a sheer thin colorful top, very comfortable to wear in summer especially. Its bright pop color adds more style to your look. Paired it with Levi's black jeans. Styled it with shiny golden