Monday, 29 May 2017


Hey guys! Nikki here, I know its been a long time since we have blogged. As I was busy with my boards and Anu was busy with her married life.

           So me and diii was just having fun around the city and were too tired to go home. What we found was this beautiful salon named 'Maya's Salon and Academy'. They have a very wonderful service over here and with very affordable rates .That's the most amazing thing . The hairstylist totally transformed our looks to a new level .

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Our Prewedding Shoot

                           Hello guys!!! I am blogging after a long break. Got engaged, then wedding preparation, then wedding, honeymoon and then adjusting to your newly married life. Finally, I took out time to blog, and I know its quite late to post about my pre-wedding shoot which was done in August 2016,but I am posting here about it and will be posting about wedding and my Thailand tour.

                           So, I wanted to save my leaves for wedding, I had to decide location for the pre-wedding shoot near by. I chose Raigad for the shoot. As it was August, rainy