Sunday, 6 August 2017

Book Review : "Second Chance" by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa

                               Hey guys! So you might have got to know about this book I read recently (off course, if you follow my fb page you might have got it!). 
                               "Second Chance - .......If you were given a second chance how would you change things........ " The title and tagline of book pretty much explains that its about inspiration, emotions, goodwill etc. But what it doesn't explains is that this book is going to change you forever, dissolve all the ego issues you have, make
you think how to be a good human being at every instance.
                                I totaly loved how the author as potrayed the concept City of Justice and how one is accountable for one's own mistakes, sins, behaviour on the earth. Especially, I loved and was emotional at the most beautifully written lines - " It was your mother's wish to protect you so we warned you. Your mother did not ask anything for your father but only for you". It makes you realise how little we know to what extent parents love and care about us that instead of using their last moments to wish well being of life partner, they wish for us.
                                After completing the book, you start thinking at every decision you take whether it is right and harmless to others. I can go on and on about the book, but it would spoil the fun of little surprising moments (where I was literally smiling and giggling) when you read it. The book is ended very well with an happy ending, which makes you believe that its not too late to be good human and correct you past mistakes.
                               So, I would love if you guys read this amazing book, and actually learn from the book, and disolve your ego, throw away your grudges and try to be a good human being. If you read it, and do love it, comment here and let me know. Till the, Stay trendy, Stay happy!