Saturday, 21 October 2017

Book Review : "Happiness is all we want" by Ashutosh Mishra

                          Hey guys! I am back with a brand new review of this phenomenal book " Happiness is all we want" by Ashutosh Mishra. If I have to classify the genre of this book, I would place it between somewhere Self-help and spiritual, but yet a page turner.
                          Usually self help books or spiritual books are good to understand but difficult to apply, which is not the case with this book. The author has described wonderfully how we perceive happiness and go after it, while it is not what makes us happy. In this world of high competition and ambitions, we have forgotten to define
what we actually desire. The author also mentions a wide variety of effective tools and techniques for mental , physical and spiritual well being in a very simpler way. Few of these tools, I have experienced myself to be very effective, for example,Pranayama - It had helped me a lot when I was preparing for government competitive exams and was under immense stress. I still continue to do pranayama for peace and patience (also for glowing skin).
                        The author has divided the book in 3 parts - Mental Well being, Physical Well being and Spiritual Well being, which helps in understanding in much easier way. I loved how the author have taken few ideas from Indian philosophy while explaining the functionalities of mind, body, and soul. I would say, the author has amazingly decoded use of ancient Indian philosophy in today's world, how ancient tools like yoga etc can be implemented to have a happy healthy life in today,s world.                                        The author gives little little incidents as happiness moments which happens to us but we overlook them as happiness, how a meet with long last friend and his family can bring you joy and what I would call is time travel to your old days. You can call this book as guide of how to live happy and healthy, as the author literally has given practical tips to follow, tech traps of today's world, well being/ness story for better understanding, happiness moments which we should actually look for, And also 'Things to ponder' & ''Things to do' at the end of every chapter.
                        The very first 'Things to do' part of this book is what I loved the most, that I have literally painted and posted on my bedroom wall , which is as follows -
♡ - Capture and value small moments of happiness every day.
♡ - Set aside an hour at least, everyday, exclusively for yourself.
♡ - Be happy with and thankful for what you have today, while working to achieve more.
The last sentence, what I feel is universal truth, dissatisfaction is the greatest reason for all the unhappiness.
                         So guys, I would totally recommend this book to you all for a happy and healthy lifestyle. It is totally captivating and engrossing, that you would want to read it again. I loved it to the core and a precious addition to my books collection. Do read it, and let me know your reviews / opinion about the book here in comments. You can also connect to the author on his official website  - or mail him at
                         Lots of love and thanks to Vinfuencers for sending me this review copy for an honest review. So, do let me know if you read the book and your views on it by commenting here. Till the, Stay trendy, Stay happy!