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Hello pretty ladies! Today we are starting our journey as a blogger.
                   First and foremost the Name - "All The Rage" is an idiom meaning all the things presently in trend.
                  We are two sisters who believe life is to enjoyed and not just lived. We have a passion for fashion, style, art,cooking and sewing new designs. We want to share our passion with you thru this blog. We are a die-hard shopaholic and looking for new ways to keep our closet updated with new trends.
                    I have done B.Pharmacy, M.Sc (Bio-informatics), MBA in Healthcare. I work as Central Excise officer in Central board of Excise and Customs ( that's Central government Officer!) and have a good taste for style. I have an interest for easy sewing of outfits for my self from pencil skirts to tops and a good hand at cooking. Would love to share my other two passions too on this blog. Hope you enjoy and learn from our blog! Till then, Stay Trendy, Stay Happy!!!
                                                                                                                                 - Anuradha
                       I am 15 now, in 10th standard. I know its too early to have a fashion opinion and share a blog with sis but honestly I have some not best but good opinions about fashion, style and painting. I have a good hand at scenery painting be it water or oil painting. Would love to share easy tips for painting too. Hope you all love my fashion opinions and love us both! Till then, Love being Yourself!!!                                                     
                                                                                                                                    - Nikita
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